One of the most comprehensive textbooks a first year management student can acquire

Management Foundations and Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific EditionResources For Learning Management: Management Foundations And Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition

One of the most comprehensive textbooks a first year management student can acquire is the one which is written about the subject itself by Dr. John R. Schermerhorn Jr. titled ‘Management Foundations and Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition’.

This text of Schermerhorn management wrote offers a willing student a unique perspective of why the Asian region is imperative to many Australian and New Zealand organizations. Often, Australian and New Zealand management practices are compared to Asian ones through case studies, allowing a student’s mindset to be developed into a much broader one.

These case studies strive to challenge a student to think about diversity in the workplace, globalisation, ethics, innovation, sustainability and much more on both a local and global platform.

Throughout the text and each chapter, critical analysis situations or questions are raised, encouraging further stimulation with the material and class interaction. These questions are derived from real world examples such as global concerns contemporary management are currently undergoing.

These analysis questions allow a glimpse into the industry so one is prepared for an internship or an entry level position.

Another feature of the management Schermerhorn texts is for visual learners – colour coded boxes. Each colour represents a different management focus throughout the text and chapter, collaborating older chapter concepts with the new ones, keep the material fresh in everyone’s mind. There are 7 themes in total which are discussed.

The previous management Schermerhorn text became popular due to the assorted viewpoints and resources students were given along with the text, such as the Interactive Study Guide, known more commonly as iStudy.

The iStudy is an online resource included with the text which allows for a much more interactive and integrated learning experience. It tests the knowledge and comprehension of the principles of management as well as other concepts covered in the textbook.

Near the end of the text, there are multiple activities suitable for individual or group study, catering to a student’s learning style, that can be incorporated into either a workshop, tutorial or even self-study.

There are four different versions available for purchase:

1) Print + iStudy for $114.36

2) Print + iStudy + AssignMentor for $126.36

3) E-Text + iStudy for $50

4) E-Text + iStudy + AssignMentor for $65

Overall, the text has new information on research and statistics, including case studies and regional activities. All of this is written from an Australian perspective, further personalizing the learning experience.

Dr. Schermerhorn has an array of experience with management due to his attendance of various education institutes, accomplishments and industry experience. With the knowledge obtained through both education and profession, he has compiled it into ‘Management Foundations and Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition’.

The hope is for students entering the field of management to understand the industry, both local and international, prior to entering. By understanding the industry beforehand, the soon to be professionals can begin their careers with much more ease and with well thought out solutions to the contemporary problems facing management today thus becoming effective managers in the near future.