Linear Algebra eBook new edition

Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th EditionElementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition, which was written by Chris Rorres and Howard Anton, presents students with a clear understanding of linear algebra by showing basic ideas of the fundamentals through geometrical interpretation and computational examples. The material features familiar concepts as well as the ones less familiar. The text also comes with WileyPlus so students can access an online version of the material in addition to a wide range of self-study tools that students will find useful for exams. WileyPlus offers varied questions questions while providing instantaneous feedback when an answer is chosen. WileyPlus makes a student’s study time more effective. Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition is perfect for first course students and undergrads as it gives an elementary style of teaching of linear algebra.

Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition features an emphasise on visualisation to provide another layer of understanding for those who are visual learners as various geometric aspects are taught. There are proof sketches throughout the text that will sharpen a student’s understanding of proofs and mathematical reasoning skills in exercises that call for filling in justifications for proofs. There are labeled exercises and examples of calculus for students to practice. Another feature included in the text is Highlights Relationships among Concepts which helps the student perceive linear algebra through the constant revisiting of the web relationships among systems of vectors, matrices, equations, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvalues. Pegagogy is the main consideration of the text. Even if the students omit to doing the examples and exercises, there will be no loss of continuity even though calculus is not a prerequisite of the text.

The text comes in two versions; Digital and print. With digital, students have the option of getting just the E-Text or the E-Text with WileyPlus included. With either option, students can view the text on any of their compatible devices and have their notes and highlights sync among devices so they only have to be made once. When students purchase the E-Text, it’s theirs for life. For print; Students have the option of getting a binder ready version with WileyPlus or getting the actual textbook with WileyPlus. The binder ready version of Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition consists of the students getting the text printed on loose-leaf paper which allows students to travel light to their classes as they only have to carry around the pages they need instead of having to carry around a 800 page textbook.

Elementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition is apart of Wiley’s Affordability Program to provide students, regardless of what their budget may be, premium learning resources so that they can have everything they need to continue their education. Wiley believes that every student should have access to quality learning resources that’s not dependent on their budget. Wiley’s ongoing commitment allows them to do what they do best; Provide teachers with the materials they need to teach and provide students with the materials they need to learn.