Marketing Management eBook first edition

marketing management the big pictureWiley introduces the first edition of Marketing Management The Big Picture authored by Christie Nordhielm and Marta Dapena-Baron. The goal of the eBook is for students to be able to better understand the big picture concepts involved in the business marketing field. Wiley Publishers intend to teach students the concept of strategic planning, being able to envision moves and steps ahead and to effectively anticipate how one move will affect other aspects of the marketing goal. Students will also learn how these strategies chosen can produce consequences for the marketing plan.

The book contains and is divided into fourteen parts. However,the book is unique in that all of the parts are connected. This structure of the book enables the student to grasp the big picture concept intended to be learned after reading and studying the text.

Features of Marketing Management The Big Picture include an integrated and connected framework from start to finish. Because of this structure approach, every activity a student engages in will not only allow them to consider that component, but also how that relates to the bigger picture and other interconnecting concepts in marketing. This approach helps students to engage in critical thinking.

The text created by Wiley Publishers also includes a vast array of real life case studies. Utilizing the experiences of real organizations and situations, students are exposed to what occurs in marketing on a day to day basis.

Each student will also have access to extra student material resources which include supplemental PowerPoint presentations as well as insight into a Facebook community business page for analysis.

Adding to convenience and Wiley’s commitment to providing affordable and accessible educational materials to all students, the text can be purchased in two different versions, both print and digital options are available.

The eBook option for purchase of Marketing Management The Big Picture is able to be downloaded to a computer and accessed both while the student is online or offline. This option is very versatile as the student is able to view the text via computer, tablet, cellphone, or iPad. The student is also able to make notes on important information while reading as well as highlight areas of text, all of which can be saved for viewing in the future. Furthermore, once an individual chooses to purchase the text it is owned and available for viewing for a lifetime.

The print option offers a soft cover version of the text. This option also comes with extra available resources including access to a student supplemental companion website where students can test their knowledge with helpful quizzes to prepare for tests and increase knowledge.

Overall the first edition of the text produced by Wiley Publishers seeks to help students grasp the concept of marketing while also applying what is learned to the “bigger picture” increasing critical thinking and memory of what is learned. If you are interested in purchasing this text or would like more information, please visit the Wiley Publishers website today.